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The Team

The Upslope Group has four Guiding Principles:


Developing workforce housing and recreational hubs that create value for the community


Organization, Due Diligence, and communication with investors are keys to success


Experience joy and fulfillment in our daily work


Success comes from fair and respectful business and investor relations


Ryan Frey has been in the building and development industry for over 25 years starting with service as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia designing rural water systems.  Ryan has built and developed various properties in Western Montana including multifamily buildings, single family specs, and industrial warehouse space.  His latest development was the design and entitlement of a 300 unit build for rent property, which was sold as a build project to another investor.  Ryan is excited to take this development experience forward into the RV Park space as a founding member of Upslope Group, performing roles of Development and Finance Manager.


Keith Miller was born and raised in Missoula, and is a fifth-generation Montanan. He is passionate about building more housing for Montanans in a sustainable way to solve the housing crisis we are in. He has completed three development projects, which turned three single family houses into a total of eight units of housing. He managed all of the projects, and was the General Contractor on most of them. He is the President of the Missoula Real Estate Meetup, which gathers 40-60 investors and industry insiders to learn, collaborate, and network on a monthly schedule. As the central hub in this network, he has learned an enormous amount from this group, and has made invaluable connections. But his greatest strength is his attention to detail and his laser-focus on learning and growing his skills. He has two masters degrees, one of them from Harvard Extension School. He is married to his wonderful wife, Kira, and has two amazing sons, aged three and five. When he is passionate about something, he is continuously focused on learning as much as he can about this. Keith has been focused on developing a Tiny Home/RV Park community since 2018. Keith is thrilled to take this his experience forward into the RV Park space as a founding member of Upslope Group, performing roles of Director of Operations and Acquisitions.


Sarah Kassem is a multifamily real estate investor and civil engineer living in Missoula, MT. She has two multifamily properties in Missoula and is continually looking to add more to her growing portfolio. She currently works for a national consulting engineering firm as a hydraulic engineer where she models river and coastal flooding and designs restoration projects. Soon after jumping into real estate, Sarah quickly realized that all her experience in modeling complex flooding and hydraulics easily transferred to analyzing the financials of large multifamily and development projects. As a first generation immigrant, Sarah is passionate about real estate as a tool for building generational wealth and financial freedom for everyday people. In her free time, Sarah loves mountain biking and exploring all the natural wonders that Montana has to offer, and is often found on the local trails with her poorly trained dog. Sarah has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Civil Engineering and brings over ten years of analysis and modeling experience from her engineering career to the team. She will be facilitating the underwriting and financial analysis for Upslope Group.

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