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Upslope Group

The Upslope Group is focused on:
  • Building entry level housing to allow home buyers to gain future equity, appreciation, and an opportunity to control their housing costs. 
  • Building Modular and Manufactured Home Communities that provide workforce housing.
  • Leveraging our decades of experience, our founding partners have over $10 million in assets under management

We are actively making offers on land to build Manufactured Home Communities. Enter your information below to be the first to know when we have one under contract.

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Upslope Group LLC is a Montana-based Manufactured Home Community Development Company. Our mission is to provide investors with a high return by building Manufactured Home Communities, as well as providing the people of Montana with the chance to buy a home at a below-average price, and control their housing costs. Our record is built upon our development experience, and a relentless focus on learning and executing the best practices in the Building Industry.

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We are actively making offers on land. Enter your information to be the first to know when we have one under contract.

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We can sell homes, including the land underneath, for below-median prices in all major Montana markets, due to the price advantages of Manufactured Homes. 


Manufactured Homes appreciate over time, especially those on their own lots, giving our buyers equity, long-term appreciation, and a chance to achieve the American Dream. 


High interest rates and construction costs have made housing unaffordable for the majority of Americans. Our homes are far more affordable than the average home, giving us a larger market of buyers. 


Manufactured homes can be built for roughly half of the cost per square foot as traditionally built homes. We can pass these savings onto our home buyers, creating a win-win situation for all. 


We have the option to either sell lots or rent the lots out, depending on buyer demand, the economic climate, and interest rates. Both options are a win-win for our buyers and our investors. 


We will build starter homes for below-median home price. This helps us gain allies in our communities and ensure a successful project. 


Why the Upslope Group?


1. Find amazing land in beautiful locations


2. Build communities 


3. Sell the homes and lots directly to buyers 


4. Mailbox money for our investors

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